Who? Weekly hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber on celebrity in the age of social media stardom

Have you ever been scrolling by Instagram and arrive throughout a person with hundreds of thousands of followers, and as you zoom in on their face you whisper to you, “WHO is this particular person?”

Then as you ponder more than no matter if you have slid into irrelevance for the reason that you will not know, the really up coming submit you see is a renowned human being you recognize—and you secretly congratulate you as you believe, “Oh I know THEM!”

Effectively, that phenomenon of celebrity Whos and Thems is exactly the topic subject included in the quite well known pop lifestyle podcast Who? Weekly. It really is a display that, as they place it, tells you every little thing you need to know about the celebrities you don’t. 

This week hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber sign up for Leah to explore the condition of pop society, rank some Canadian icons and share their favourite pods. Crunch, crunch.

(Courtesy of podcasts.)

Who? Weekly: “Each week, Bobby and Lindsey delve into the Whos and Thems of the pop culture landscape—bravely daring to ask (and then, solution) the concern on all of our minds: “Who?” In this clip, they talk about Simon & Garfunkle, Stedman Graham and Herbert Hoover.”

Movie star E-book Club Podcast With Steven & Lily: “Sign up for comedians Steven Phillips-Horst & Lily Marotta as they rifle through celeb memoirs to find fertile floor for searing cultural insights and juicy gossip. Martinis not integrated. In this clip, they attempt some recipes from Sheryl Crow’s cookbook, If It Would make You Wholesome.”

The Solution Historical past of The Estonia: “On September 27th, 1994, the passenger ship Estonia set sail from Tallinn on an right away vacation to Stockholm throughout the Baltic sea, but it never made it. Extra than 850 lives ended up missing. Though the formal report blamed mechanical failure, conspiracy theories proliferated, some additional plausible than other people. In this clip, host Stephen Davis explores the risk of Russian involvement in the disaster.”

Pop Pantheon: “In every single episode, host DJ Louie XIV and company evaluate the vocation of a pop star, and then rank them in the official Pop Pantheon. This clip is from their two-element episode on Katy Perry with guest Daniel D’Addario, main tv critic at Wide variety.”

This Experienced Oscar Buzz: “Every single 7 days on This Had Oscar Excitement, film and leisure writers Joe Reid and Chris Feil are going to be speaking about a distinct film that at the time on a time experienced large-time Academy Award aspirations, and for just one purpose or a further, it all went erroneous. In this clip they focus on Delight (2014), which tells the real tale of Lesbians and Gays Aid the Miners, a queer activist group that partnered with a Welsh city in the 1980s through the mining strike under Thatcher’s rule.”

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