The 10 Best New Movies Added To Netflix In 2023

As the leaves change and September comes to a close, Netflix
continues to churn out fresh movie content for its subscribers. This marks the ninth monthly edition of my curated selection of the platform’s standout films. In August, our list was graced with delightful surprises, including the Adam Sandler production You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah and the religious thriller The Pope’s Exorcist.

This month, we’ve got some new additions to the list—from a chilling atmospheric vampire film and to a classic Denis Villeneuve sci-fi masterpiece. In total, I’ll highlight the ten best movies added to Netflix so far in 2023. Then I’ll close out the article with a number of honorable mentions that might appeal to other tastes. So grab your popcorn, because September’s lineup is not to be missed.

The 10 Best New Movies on Netflix in 2023

El Conde

In the frost-kissed Chilean south stands a decaying mansion, where Jaime Vadell’s ancient vampire, Augusto Pinochet, resides. Accompanied by his devoted wife, Lucia (Gloria Münchmeyer), and an ever-faithful butler (Alfredo Castro), this immortal being has feasted since the French Revolution. After centuries of hunger-driven ruthlessness, the count’s legacy weighs on him. Seeking redemption, he contemplates a blood-free life and its inevitable end. However, with the unexpected arrival of his ambitious children, the count’s journey takes another unforeseen turn. Directed by Pablo Larraín and featuring Paula Luchsinger, it’s a chilling tale of legacy, redemption, and eternal hunger.


Director Denis Villeneuve presents an ethereal dance between science fiction and human emotion, with Amy Adams leading the waltz as Dr. Louise Banks, a linguist called upon when extraterrestrial crafts touch down on Earth. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill alien encounter. Instead, it challenges viewers to contemplate time, communication, and our very existence. Adams, alongside Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, delves deep into the intricacies of language and its ability to bridge worlds and heal divides.

The Saint of Second Chances

Baseball’s notorious Veeck legacy, founded by Bill Veeck, met a dramatic halt when his son Mike’s antics tarnished their reputation. Shunned from the sport, Mike Veeck, portrayed with zest by Charlie Day, embarks on a poignant journey from disgrace to redemption. As family revelations surface, the quest to restore their name becomes a deeper exploration of family bonds. With Morgan Neville and Jeff Malmberg at the helm, narrated by Jeff Daniels, this heartwarming comeback tale is infused with unexpected laughter and profound realizations.


Bill Nighy, in an Oscar-nominated turn, brilliantly portrays a beleaguered civil servant grappling with life’s cruel punch – a grim medical prognosis. Lost amidst the mundane and melancholy, he finds sparks of life in a lively woman and a hedonistic local. Inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s poignant 1952 masterpiece, Ikiru, Living is director Oliver Hermanus’s heart-rending tribute to life’s fleeting beauty. Alongside Nighy, Aimee Lou Wood, Alex Sharp, and Tom Burke, create an elegiac canvas that paints hope amidst despair.


Storm Reid plays June, a determined daughter who embarks on a frantic digital chase when her mother vanishes in Colombia. Amidst a bureaucratic maze, June’s tech-savvy pursuit spirals into a perplexing web of mysteries. Although the plot occasionally stretches belief, its pulsating pace and modern-day fears anchor its narrative. Directed by Will Merrick and Nick Johnson, this suspenseful techno-thriller co-stars Joaquim de Almeida, Ken Leung, and Amy Landecker, and delves deep into the dark alleys of the digital world.

The Raid 2

If raw adrenaline had a cinematic embodiment, it’d be this gem directed by Gareth Evans. Picking up from its predecessor, Rama, masterfully portrayed by Iko Uwais, goes undercover in Jakarta’s criminal underbelly, spiraling into a whirlwind of intricately choreographed combat and high-octane action in The Raid 2. This film isn’t just about the fight scenes (though they are breathtaking); it’s a dive into the depths of corruption, loyalty, and retribution. Supporting acts by Arifin Putra and Yayan Ruhian bolster an already electrifying story.

The Pope’s Exorcist

Dive into a thrilling battle between good and evil, with Russel Crowe as Father Gabriele Amorth, the Vatican’s seasoned exorcist. In a world consumed by possession and demonic forces, this priest, having conducted over 100,000 exorcisms, is a beacon of hope. Daniel Zovatto, Alex Essoe, and Franco Nero join Crowe in this spine-chilling dance with darkness. Helmed by Julius Avery, this horror flick injects fun into the familiar, making it an enjoyable jaunt. Crowe’s magnetic charisma elevates The Pope’s Exorcist to a devilishly delightful spectacle.

They Cloned Tyrone

When Fontaine, a streetwise dealer, miraculously resurrects after a fatal encounter, he teams up with his pals, Slick Charles and Yo-Yo, plunging into a whirlwind of dark conspiracies. Their wild ride unveils a clandestine government operation that runs deeper than they imagined. Jamie Foxx, John Boyega, and Teyonah Parris weave this intriguing tapestry of suspense, betrayal, and mysteries. Under Juel Taylor’s deft direction, the trio navigates a world where truth is stranger than fiction.

Murder Mystery 2

The dynamic detective duo, Nick and Audrey Spitz, portrayed by Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston, are back! This time, they’re on a whirlwind chase after a friend’s unexpected abduction. Embarking on an international escapade filled with wit, quirk, and Sandler-Aniston chemistry, the sequel packs even more laughs than its predecessor. Jeremy Garelick crafts a roller-coaster ride of mystery, mirth, and mayhem, further enriched by Mark Strong and Mélanie Laurent.


Adam Driver’s Mills crash-lands into the unexpected – Earth’s prehistoric era, 65 million years in the past. Teaming up with fellow survivor, Koa, played by Ariana Greenblatt, they journey across a savage land teeming with ferocious ancient beasts. Scott Beck and Bryan Woods masterfully direct this adrenaline-pumping sci-fi thriller, drawing us into a world both alien and achingly familiar. As time races, so do the heartbeats in this gripping tale of survival.

Honorable Mentions

Here are several other great movies that have been added to the Netflix library in 2023.

  • A Man Called Otto Tom Hanks shines as Otto, a sullen widower whose life is brightened by vibrant Marisol and her family next door. Expect heartwarming connections and unexpected friendships. Directed by Marc Forster.
  • Bird Box Barcelona Sebastián and Anna dodge unseen horrors while navigating post-apocalyptic Barcelona, joining survivors amidst even darker threats. Starring Georgina Campbell and Mario Casas. Directed by David and Àlex Pastor.
  • Chupa – A young boy in Mexico stumbles upon a legendary chupacabra creature concealed in his grandfather’s shed during a family vacation.
  • Dog Gone – This poignant biopic starring Rob Lowe centers on a young man’s unwavering quest to find his beloved dog, lost amidst the intimidating vastness of the Appalachian Trail.
  • Don’t Worry Darling In 1950s Victory town, Alice (Florence Pugh) starts uncovering dark secrets beneath her perfect life. Intrigue, deception, and suburban horror ensue. Directed by Olivia Wilde.
  • Extraction 2 – Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth) returns, battling to save an Indian drug lord’s family in Bangladesh. High-octane action and gripping suspense. Directed by Sam Hargrave.
  • Furies – This absolutely electric Vietnamese martial arts film focuses on three merciless vigilantes who embark on a mission to dismantle a competing crime syndicate.
  • Heart of Stone – Gal Gadot’s Rachel Stone battles to prevent a global catastrophe involving the coveted Heart. Spies, stakes, and suspense. Directed by Tom Harper.
  • Hunger – From Bangkok street food to luxury dining, Aoy faces the culinary world’s elite challenges. A delectable tale of ambition. Directed by Sitisiri Mongkolsiri.
  • JUNG_E – In a dystopian future, a scientist clones her war-hero mother’s brain into a battle robot. Heartache meets high-tech warfare. Directed by Yeon Sang-ho.
  • Love Again Mira’s heartfelt texts to her deceased fiance land in journalist Rob’s inbox, sparking an unusual romance featuring Celine Dion. Directed by James C. Strouse.
  • Luther: The Fallen Sun – Idris Elba is back once again as the infamous London detective John Luther, a hardened anti-hero forced to escape prison and track down a deranged serial killer.
  • Marry My Dead Body – Policeman Wu Ming-Han is unexpectedly engaged to a deceased gay man’s ghost, leading to comedic mystery-solving. A supernatural Taiwanese comedy directed by Cheng Wei-hao.
  • Minions: The Rise of Gru – This prequel film centers on young Gru’s journey to become the most villainous man on the planet, steered by his hilarious and endearing Minion cohorts.
  • Pamela, a Love Story – This unique and bizarre documentary details the crazy and exhausting journey of Pamela Anderson, charting her vibrant life and illustrious career.
  • Poisoned: The Dirty Truth About Your Food – A deep dive into foodborne illnesses and the broken trust between consumers and suppliers. Reveals cover-ups, flawed regulations, and the dark truth behind America’s food safety claims. Directed by Stephanie Soechtig.
  • Seasons – Best friends, after numerous failed relationships, potentially find love with each other. A predictable yet charming Filipino romantic comedy. Directed by Easy Ferrer. Stars Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino.
  • Spy Kids: Armageddon – A game developer’s virus seizes global tech. The Tango-Torrez kids, offspring of legendary spies, must counteract. Directed by Robert Rodriguez, stars Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi.
  • Take Care of Maya – Medical misdiagnosis separates a child from her family, falsely accusing them of Munchausen’s by proxy. This investigative documentary reveals the truth. Directed by Henry Roosevelt.
  • The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die – After the death of King Edward, Uthred combats England’s ensuing chaos, searching for unity in this thrilling spin-off from the popular Netflix series.
  • The Magician’s Elephant – Orphan Peter searches for his lost sister, guided by a fortune teller’s prophecy about a magician’s elephant. A whimsical journey of self-belief. Directed by Wendy Rogers.
  • The Monkey King – Birthed from a rock, a superpowered monkey battles demons to prove his worth, while wrestling with his own ego. An action-packed animation from Stephen Chow.
  • The Mother – Jennifer Lopez stars as a combat specialist drawn from obscurity to protect her child from lethal outlaws in this heart-pounding action movie.
  • The Out-Laws – Owen suspects his future in-laws are bank-robbing outlaws. A comedic mix-up ensues. Directed by Tyler Spindel. Stars Nina Dobrev and Adam DeVine.
  • The Pale Blue Eye – In a snowbound military town, detective Landor and young poet Edgar Allan Poe investigate a murder amidst a sea of suspects. Directed by Scott Cooper.
  • The Perfect Find – A 40-year-old woman risks career and more for a secret affair that threatens her comeback. Feel-good romance. Directed by Numa Perrier. Stars Gabrielle Union.
  • The River Wild – A thrilling rafting trip turns deadly when past secrets resurface. This reboot intensifies suspense with nature’s fury and human betrayal. Directed by Ben Ketai.
  • The Snowman – Detective Harry Hole hunts the elusive “Snowman Killer,” a sociopath playing deadly games. Though criticized, it’s gained a cult following. Directed by Tomas Alfredson.
  • The Son – Peter’s life unravels as he tries to help his troubled son, navigating parenthood and past mistakes. An emotional drama with powerful performances. Directed by Florian Zeller.
  • The Woman King – Set in 1800s Africa, an all-female warrior group defends their kingdom against invaders. Starring Viola Davis, directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood.
  • The Tutor – A gripping thriller that dives into the life of a tutor ensnared by the obsessions of his enigmatic student. As secrets unravel, tension mounts. Directed by Jordan Ross and starring Garrett Hedlund.
  • To Leslie – Dive deep into the life of Leslie, a Texan single mother grappling with addiction. Her fleeting lottery fortune offers hope but also further challenges. A moving performance by Andrea Riseborough. Directed by Michael Morris.
  • True Spirit – Based on Jessica Watson’s true adventure, this film captures the bravery of a 16-year-old Australian girl aiming to become the youngest to sail the world solo. Directed by Sarah Spillane.
  • Untold: Johnny Football – A comprehensive documentary depicting the meteoric rise and tumultuous fall of football sensation Johnny Manziel. From fame to personal struggles, this Netflix documentary gives an unfiltered view. Directed by Ryan Duffy.
  • Unknown: The Lost Pyramid – Join Dr. Zahi Hawass and Dr. Mostafa Waziri on a thrilling archaeological journey through Egypt’s Saqqara desert, hunting for ancient treasures and pyramids. Directed by Max Salomon.
  • We Have a Ghost – Kevin discovers a ghost, Ernest, in his new home’s attic. A comedic turn of events ensues when his father sees a chance to profit. Starring David Harbour and Anthony Mackie, directed by Christopher Landon.
  • WHAM! – Celebrating the 40th anniversary of their debut, this documentary traces the legendary pop duo Wham!’s journey from humble beginnings to global stardom, through intimate footage and interviews. Directed by Chris Smith.
  • Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody – This biopic chronicles the incredible rise from anonymity to stardom of an epoch-defining vocalist, with Kasi Lemmons at the helm.
  • You Are So Not Invited To My Bat Mitzvah – A heartwarming tale of two best friends, Stacy and Lydia, whose dream Bat Mitzvahs are threatened by school drama and crushes. Features Adam Sandler and his real-life daughters. Directed by Sammi Cohen.
  • You People – Ezra and Amira’s budding romance is hilariously disrupted by their meddling parents from diverse backgrounds. Starring Jonah Hill, Eddie Murphy, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Directed by Kenya Barris.
  • Your Place or Mine – Best friends Debbie and Peter swap lives and homes for a week, leading to unexpected revelations and heartwarming moments. A nod to classic romantic comedies with Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher. Directed by Aline Brosh McKenna.