So Who Is The Game Awards’ ‘Elden Ring’ Bill Clinton Kid?

Very last night time at The Video game Awards, as quite a few expected, Elden Ring took house Match of the Yr in the last award of the night time. But as director Hidetaka Miyazaki, his translator and group took the stage, something…weird was heading on guiding them.

A child was lurking there. A teen maybe. He looked out of location among the middle-aged Japanese gentlemen standing there, and on Twitter all people was asking who specifically he was. A single of their youngsters?

And then he took the microphone.


The finest transcript of what he stated in some sort of unidentifiable accent is “I imagine I want to thank all people and say that… I believe I want to nominate this award to my reformed orthodox rabbi monthly bill Clinton, thank you all people.”

At that place, it grew to become clear he was not supposed to be there, and he was immediately ushered off stage. Geoff Keighley, organizer and host of The Sport Awards, tweeted shortly just after that he had been arrested. And the world-wide-web then positively blew up with Elden Ring-dependent memes and jokes and just…disbelief, striving to comprehend what they just observed.


Here’s what we believe that we know about this child and what he was accomplishing there, however I will chorus from posting his identify as he appears to be a insignificant.

  • A Twitter account appearing to belong to the kid has posted about the interruption, getting credit. It’s an old account, tied to his previous on the internet routines which is largely protesting law enforcement brutality and authorities oppression in Hong Kong.
  • Formerly, this child did some thing very similar in 2019 at BlizzCon in which he interrupted a Globe of Warcraft panel by shouting “Free Hong Kong.” That is documented on this exact Twitter account.
  • Also in 2019, he was on Television at a Clippers match holding up a Hong Kong shirt that the cameraman experienced to pan absent from:


  • He has a TikTok that is mostly about Hong Kong, and at occasions, he has place on an accent equivalent to what we heard in this incoherent Sport Awards speech.
  • Probably most strangely of all, he appeared on conspiracy network InfoWars two years back, who explained him as “one of the young stars of the conservative movement” and had him chatting about his Hong Kong protests.
  • There are unverified DMs remaining posted showing him boasting that he was likely to do this wander on stage prank forward of time, and putting up in the moments leading up to it.
  • He follows me on Twitter, it turns out, so I have requested him to verify his identity and comment on why he did what he did on stage, and will update if I hear again.

Of class, what he stated when he got up there was not tied to Hong Kong, and references to his “reformed orthodox rabbi Monthly bill Clinton,” although nonsense, does really feel like it could be tied to some form of anti-Semitic and Clinton-targeted conspiracy of which there are a thousand variants on-line. Or he’s just a child who’s trolling.

But it’s additional than trolling, for the reason that for Keighley and The Video game Awards, a clearly show that was previous watched by 85 million persons in 2021, this signifies a really serious security breach. When the kid just went up there and spouted nonsense, it is uncomplicated to consider a unique situation in which a troubled kid wandered up on phase in a cumbersome black coat all through an celebration viewed by tens of hundreds of thousands of persons total of marketplace stars and issues could have gone…very terribly, if he experienced ill-intent. There will have to be stability overhauls right after this, as properly as an evaluation of how he was at the clearly show in first area, how he was in a situation to just wander on stage, why he was remaining up there so prolonged and why he was even authorized to discuss without his mic being cut.


So, that is what we know so much. It’s a kid who has accomplished this form of matter prior to but now, on the major phase in the marketplace. We’ll see what transpires upcoming from here, and I will update with any developments.

Update (11:50 AM): Alright, I have been talking with him, and even though I however sense like he’s trolling, here’s what I have been able to extract:

  • He reported he could not speak about getting arrested.
  • He acquired a ticket from AXS and made confident he was sitting down decently close to the phase to enact this prepare.
  • He states Invoice Clinton is his hero, and he did not know who far better to dedicate the award to in that minute.
  • He suggests he did not make a statement about Hong Kong as he has in the past due to the fact it “wasn’t the right moment” but he nonetheless stands with the individuals there.
  • He did participate in Elden Ring and mentioned it was excellent but evidently stopped at the Tree Sentinel (so, quickly?).
  • He states he doesn’t assume he ruined Miyazaki’s big second because he purposefully waited right up until he was accomplished speaking to make his personal statement.
  • He’s not thoroughly describing the “reformed orthodox rabbi Monthly bill Clinton” remark in a way I comprehend, but suggests he was not expressing Clinton is secretly Jewish, when I stated which is a portion of several globalist conspiracies. He promises he is Jewish himself.
  • In conclusion: “There was no fundamental antisemitic or much proper information. I just could not assume of a better individual than Bill to give the spotlight to in that instant.”

So, uh, yeah. There you go.

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