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It’s no solution big Hollywood studios like a positive guess, and you will find no lack of predictable movies to demonstrate it.  Which is probably why Nicolas Cage remaining Los Angeles for Las Vegas a extensive time in the past.  At 59, the Academy Award winner owns just one of the most eclectic lists of movie credits in the business. He is been at it for far more than 40 decades – pivoting from main guy to motion-hero to a slew of lesser options and back all over again. As we to start with told you in April, guiding that kaleidoscope of figures is a special creativity and an encyclopedic understanding of film… that would seem to inspire everything Nicolas Cage does… his operate, his daily life, and even this.  

Cage’s brand-new gold Lamborghini – a tribute to a beloved 1968 movie directed by Federico Fellini… that includes this gilded Ferrari.

Nicolas Cage: It was a mad gorgeous Fellini movie, and it impressed me. So when I noticed this. I reported, “That’s the auto.” It can be not a Ferrari, which would be wonderful. But they never truly have any gold Ferraris. 

Sharyn Alfonsi: Have you driven this out listed here over and above the gates? 

Nicolas Cage: Oh yeah.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Yeah?

Nicolas Cage: It is entertaining.

Sharyn Alfonsi: It truly is exciting.

Nicolas Cage: Snap, crackle, pop, appropriate?

Sharyn Alfonsi and Nicolas Cage go for a generate in Cage’s manufacturer-new gold Lamborghini – a tribute to a beloved 1968 movie directed by Federico Fellini… that includes a gilded Ferrari.

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By any evaluate, Nicolas Cage is not slowing down.  He’s revamped the position of Dracula in a film termed “Renfield” – and has one more five movies coming up. We satisfied Nicolas Cage at the house he shares with his spouse and young daughter in Las Vegas. It is specifically what you may possibly consider Nicolas Cage’s residence in Las Vegas would be. Part Goth-cathedral, part avant-garde gallery.  You can find an African crow in the residing area, a cat that could scare off a burglar, and this…

Sharyn Alfonsi: Oh my gosh.

Nicolas Cage: This is my black dragon. It really is a monitor lizard. He’ll get to be about 6 toes very long. He is like owning a authentic dinosaur in your household. It really is kind of amazing. And he is alive. 

That variety of imagination is in his DNA. Nicolas Kim Coppola was born on the fringe of cinema royalty.  His uncle is director Francis Ford Coppola.  He explained to us his mom Pleasure, a choreographer, experienced from serious mental health issues and was institutionalized for a lot of his childhood. He and his two brothers were elevated by his father, August, a literature professor… who launched him to the masterworks of Italian and German filmmakers igniting his really like of cinema. As a teengager, he labored at a film theater and states he was mesmerized by the significant display.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Was it about currently being a movie star, or was it about escaping into some thing else?

Nicolas Cage: No. It was about seeking to be James Dean in, in “Rebel Without the need of a Induce” and putting on that red jacket. Seeking to be John in “Saturday Night time Fever.” I came outta the cinema electrified. I was like, yeah, wanting to go there. 

Nicolas Cage in his Las Vegas house

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And immediately after viewing James Dean in “East of Eden,” he did.

Nicolas Cage: It was more meaningful to me than just about anything else I expert. Audio, you know, Beethoven, Beatles, painting. What I observed in that instant designed me comprehend the electrical power, the pleasure of what you can express via movie performance. Movie performance. 

He’s been in pursuit of that experience for most of his life. Inhabiting people of each stripe… a toddler-snatching ex-con… a Brooklyn baker… an alcoholic screenwriter…  a treasure hunter and even himself.

Cage’s first aspect function came in 1982’s “Fast occasions at Ridgemont Substantial.” The 17-yr-previous blends into the track record, but his Coppola name did not. His uncle directed “The Godfather” and “Apocalypse Now.” Ill of currently being hazed about it on established, he altered his title encouraged by a Marvel superhero with unbreakable pores and skin. 

Nicolas Cage: When folks believe of Nicolas Cage, I wanted it to have, like, a punk rock energy at that time. I required it to be unpredictable. You you should not know what you are gonna get. I wanted it to be fascinating and a minimal frightening.

It has been. Just after additional than 100 videos, Nicolas Cage is virtually his have style. He advised us when he read through the script for “Peggy Sue Got Married,” he nervous it was heading to be much too much like the engage in “Our City”… which he hated.

Nicolas Cage: I grew up seeing “Gumby” and listening to Pokey. And I considered, “Very well, that would be a superior voice for a character, especially in this movie.” And so I assumed, “If I do that, that will not be dull. That’ll be like, what the hell is he doing?”

Sharyn Alfonsi: And Kathleen Turner said like, “What the hell is he performing?”

Nicolas Cage: I believe I pissed off her with the efficiency, but I adored her.

 Sharyn Alfonsi:  Did she ever say like, “Knock it off?”

 Nicolas Cage: Oh yeah.   

But Cage would draw from odd places once again, in the Coen brothers’ “Elevating Arizona.”

Sharyn Alfonsi: How did you visualize that purpose?

Nicolas Cage: H. I. McDunnough was like that Thrush muffler symbol, the Woody Woodpecker with the cigar. I noticed him with, like, the crimson hair sticking up. Like a “Looney Tunes” character occur to lifestyle, once again.

Sharyn Alfonsi: I wanna question you about 1 scene in that film. You are having a mug shot taken. And you switch. And as you happen to be walking absent, you slap your ass. 

Nicolas Cage: I experienced it all thought out. “Giddy-up,” you know? Like, he’s obtaining himself up outta the mug shot.

Cage’s catalog of inspiration extends from cartoons to the haunting German films he watched as a youngster.

Sharyn Alfonsi: You’ve got been motivated by German expressionists. What does that search like?

Nicolas Cage: Very well, what it is is specifically movies like Cabinet of “Dr. Caligari,” or “Nosferatu,” or “Metropolis. The mad scientist shows the robot hand, and it goes like that. You know, it truly is just, like, a massive, expressionistic performing. So I set that into “Moonstruck,” “I shed my hand,” which is accurately a immediate steal. 

Thirty 5 decades on, Ronny Cammareri, the operatic, one particular-handed baker in the romantic comedy “Moonstruck” stays a person of his most unforgettable roles. But Cage says it was a modest film referred to as “Leaving Las Vegas,” that was the respond to to his prayers.

Sharyn Alfonsi: What did you think when you first study that script?

Nicolas Cage: That was the sensation that I had with “East of Eden” and James Dean. This is the kinda movie I really wanna make, a heartbreaking drama about two wounded folks who by some means have this real enjoy. 

Nicolas Cage

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Sharyn Alfonsi: How did you figure out how to perform that position?

Nicolas Cage: Effectively, I looked at a lotta good movies. I appeared at Kris Kristofferson in “A Star is Born.” From him I bought that sensation of he was normally smiling. In my perspective, the only point sadder than a person who’s in a unhappy situation and understands it, is a particular person who’s in a sad predicament and does not know it.

Nicolas Cage: I was sayin’ to myself, literally, “I’m in no way gonna acquire the Academy Award, so let’s just do this anyway simply because no one desired to make it.”

Sharyn Alfonsi: At the Oscars, you announce on phase you appreciate the idea of blurring the line among artwork and commerce by building this little movie. And then you commence accomplishing these significant action movies.

Nicolas Cage: Yeah, that was about remaining unpredictable.  And hoping some thing new yet again. But at the time when I did it, I assume it pissed a lotta people today off, you know? It was like, “Very well, that’s, you happen to be an actor’s actor. You’re not supposed to be executing journey films.”

But he did. “The Rock,” with Sean Connery, a prison-crack motion picture, “Con Air,” the “Nationwide Treasure” franchise and “Facial area/Off,” where Cage’s character actually swaps faces with John Travolta. An absurd strategy that shipped huge box office environment returns and assisted catapult Cage into the class of Hollywood’s greatest paid actors. 

Sharyn Alfonsi: Where’s your head at when that starts off taking place?

Nicolas Cage: “Oh, terrific. Now I can make an additional ‘Leaving Las Vegas.’ Let us hold doin’ it. Let’s retain mixin’ it up. Let’s preserve difficult ourselves.”

But Cage ended up going through a distinct form of obstacle. We preferred to ask him about reviews that he blew by way of his fortune shopping for exotic cars and trucks, mansions all-around the globe, even a dinosaur skull… but his African crow, Huginn objected to the line of questioning.

Nicolas Cage’s African crow Huginn

60 Minutes

Nicolas Cage: Hi, Huginn. 

Sharyn Alfonsi: Suitable on cue

Nicolas Cage: Awesome to hear you’re conversing all over again. I know every person in the house variety of freaked you out.

Sharyn Alfonsi: The houses, appropriate? Castles in Germany, in England, an island, a mansion in New Orleans. What is actually that about?

Nicolas Cage: I was more than-invested in true estate. It was not for the reason that I used $80 on an octopus. The actual estate market place crashed, and I couldn’t get out in time.

Sharyn Alfonsi: How a great deal cash did you end up owing to the IRS and to your lenders?

Nicolas Cage: I paid them all back again, but it was about $6 million. I by no means filed for individual bankruptcy.

He moved to tax-no cost Las Vegas. Dug in and labored non-quit – earning a few to four flicks a year. 

Sharyn Alfonsi: That experienced to be a dim period of time for you.

Nicolas Cage: It was dim. Sure.

Sharyn Alfonsi: Did the operate help you get by way of–

Nicolas Cage: No question, do the job. Do the job was always my guardian angel. It may not have been blue chip, but it was even now function.

Sharyn Alfonsi: When any person suggests in the course of that time period of time when these critics say like, “Ugh, he’s just here for a paycheck and he is phoning it in.”

Nicolas Cage: Even if the film ultimately is crummy, they know I am not phoning it in, that I treatment each individual time. But there are individuals individuals that are likely considering that the only great acting that I can do is the acting that I chose to do by structure, which was far more operatic and, you know, larger than daily life and so-termed ‘Cage rage,’ and all that. But you might be not gonna get that each individual time. 

But portion of the appeal is the ‘Cage rage,’ a moniker his supporters have for his out-sized, some say, about the major moments on film. 

Sharyn Alfonsi:  You go for it. I’ve listened to you explained it as, like, heading for the triple axel every single time. And in some cases you land it, and often you never. 

Nicolas Cage: Properly, not just about every time. But there are things that I do wanna go for at at times that I have a vision for, and I, and I do.

Like his 2021 overall performance as a heartbroken chef in the motion picture “Pig.”

Nicolas Cage: When I performed Rob in “Pig,” I felt I entered the room. I felt that I was closer to me than maybe I’ve at any time been right before in film functionality.

Sharyn Alfonsi: What do you signify, closer to you? 

Nicolas Cage: That I wasn’t acting. I felt that I was performing particularly what I treatment about. I consider it is most likely my most effective motion picture, and I assume I will set that up towards “Leaving Las Vegas” or just about anything else.

Nicolas Cage demonstrates how he required to show his enamel while performing in “Renfield.” 

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That would consist of his convert as Dracula in his hottest film “Renfield. Cage satisfied us at a beloved hangout on the strip to talk about the count. 

Nicolas Cage: Dracula is overwhelming mainly because it is really a legacy. Dracula is a character that has been done nicely a lot of occasions. He is also a character that has been finished inadequately quite a few periods. But for me, I assume Christopher Lee, he was my Dracula. He made Dracula terrifying, you know. We had a delighted relationship in phrases of I could carry where by I needed to go, like, into the digital camera with the teeths– pretty much like the shark in “Jaws,” like arah! 

Sharyn Alfonsi: You seem to be like a guy who’s all in all the time. You don’t do nearly anything halfway. 

Nicolas Cage: Incredibly insightful, Sharyn. Really, really insightful. 

Manufactured by Michael Karzis. Affiliate producer, Katie Kerbstat Jacobson. Broadcast affiliate, Elizabeth Germino. Edited by Matthew Danowski.