My Plan to Get Famous From Celebrity “Climbers”

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Evidently, from my perspective as a basement-dwelling, humanity-staying away from troglodyte in the suburbs of Boulder, Colorado, there are a great deal of “cool things”happening in the climbing planet correct now. 1 of the largest trends is that of stars obtaining into climbing or pal’ing about with our sport’s luminaries like Alex Honnold, Chris Sharma, and Tommy Caldwell. This is a two-way avenue, permitting the celebrities get extreme with our sport’s major pet dogs, all even though the climbers burnish their have manufacturers via proximity to significant-wattage stardom.

Most recently, we had the actor and interest musician Jared Leto climbing the Empire State Creating even though tied into a double toprope, as documented by the climber and filmmaker Renan Ozturk. In the previous, Leto’s been noticed climbing with Alex Honnold in Tuolumne, and practically received the chop with Honnold out at Crimson Rock, Nevada, when he fell and his rope main shot about a sharp lip, 600 ft off the ground. (Specified that this is the exact same area exactly where Honnold tried out to kill Magnus Midtbø on a swift “scramble” before Midtbø could unleash far more YouTube navy SEAL issues on the entire world, I really feel like there’s a lesson in this article.) I’ve normally assumed Jared Leto was a great actor, at the very least in his Jordan Catalano/My So-Identified as Life and Requiem for a Desire times, with significant props for Dallas Prospective buyers Club, but recently he looks to have turned into the variety of self-significant, lengthy-bearded, Jesus-maned glam-boi I’d purposely stay clear of at the fitness center lest a chalkpot get flung at my head in a healthy of pique. And so, when Leto TR’ed a skyscraper, I didn’t seriously care.

We also, of study course, have Chris Sharma and his longtime bro the actor Jason Momoa releasing their display The Climb on HBO Max, a 6-episode collection in which the contestants cry and hug a large amount in among falling off rock climbs in exotic locales I’m as well inadequate to visit for the reason that my wife thinks ordering plastic crap for our little ones off Amazon is a levels of competition activity. (And, indeed, I did implement to be on the show—and you did, too—but I didn’t make the lower. I guess they weren’t looking for a grumpy, disheveled, delinquent “sweatpants dad” who dresses like a bike-thieving gutterpunk.) In any case, Momoa has bona fides as a climber—he was at the time just a Midwestern child dirtbagging in the parking good deal at Hueco Pete’s, bouldering at the Tanks back in the day—plus he’s tremendous. So I won’t be chatting shit about him and neither really should you.


This all bought me to thinking about how I could jump on the celebrity-climbing bandwagon and polish my personal manufacturer, which, of late, has been lackluster. (You attempt obtaining a whole-time occupation in this economic system at age 52, when the only demand from customers for editorial function looks to be for Web optimization creating, whichever the fuck that is, and AI-enhanced Tik-Tokers using ChatGPT algorithms to autogenerate “fresh material.”) 

Since I have always been a C-list climber, with the occasional foray on to the cheapest rung of the B-listing, I figured it would behoove me to link up with stars of very similar position. In other words and phrases, I’m most likely not going to be having Tom Cruise toproping at Céüse and posting it on YouTube to millions of likes, mainly because his persons would in no way let a pissant little no one like me earlier the front door. And mainly because it is a extended, sizzling wander up to la falaise.

No, my prepare is to link up with a disgraced former movie star, another person who, like me, is determined for awareness. I’m contemplating the likes of Michael Richards (aka “Kramer” on Seinfeld), who was canceled immediately after his N-term-crammed rant at a comedy club—and no, I’m not linking to that gaming vlogger/YouTube luminary PewDiePie, who likes bagging on deaf persons and Jews or the comedian Kathy Griffin, who beheaded Trump in effigy and was subsequently banished from mainstream media. Just, stars who are at present obtaining a poor time and are searching for a new commence.

Here’s the approach: I’m heading to take them “scrambling” in the Flatirons, just like Honnold did to Magnus, and we’re going to livestream the entire factor, occur what may possibly. So, fundamentally, I’m heading to consider these rank newbies totally free soloing on uncovered, decrease-fifth-course slabs, tell them that it’s absolutely safe and sound, and reassure them that had been they to drop, they can just distribute their limbs out like a cat clinging to the drapes and stop from sliding.

“No one’s ever died free soloing the Flatirons,” I’ll tell them. “Not even Jared Leto.”

Assume of the likes, the pageviews, the reshares, and the advert earnings as my YouTube channel and social blow up, specially when some canceled, universally hated, narcissistic B-checklist “star” tumbles to their demise, all even though livestreaming it on a GoPro. Shit, we can even get started having bets on who will make it and who won’t. It is a get-earn circumstance: I get wealthy and renowned, and the earth will get rid of its most noxious celebs, all in a person fell swoop.

Maybe this idea seems outstanding to you. Or perhaps it seems as well shut to actuality, like an episode of Black Mirror. Or perhaps it appears deeply immoral, like I’m just killing off shitty Hollywood men and women for sport and pecuniary gain. All I can say is, do not decide. In today’s hustle economy, excellent new tips are few and considerably between—and I just had a amazing just one. 

Matt Samet is a freelance author and editor dependent in Boulder, Colorado. He is the author of the Climbing Dictionary and the memoir Demise Grip. 

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