I’m a sales assistant who figured out how men cheat on their wives at Christmas

There is no improved emotion than having all your Christmas procuring performed in one journey — in particular if you’re an insensitive cad.

TikTok user Shannon Hill ordinarily posts videos about superstar information, but she just lately unveiled a piece of information about male purchasing behavior she stated she learned functioning the Chanel counter in the course of college.

“I have received a minimal tale, a minimal tea for you men, if you will, about what husbands get for not only their wife, but their mistresses way too,” she started off her modern “story time.”

“I was only 19 at the time, but I figured out this rapid,” Hill claimed involving bites of a salad.

She alleged that gentlemen would come in to obtain their wife’s preferred Chanel product for the reason that the store “had it all on file.”

TikTok user Shannon Hill claimed she generally realized when a Chanel purchaser was dishonest on his wife.
Shannon Hill on TikTok
Shannon Hill took a crack from her regularly scheduled celeb gossip TikToks to share holiday stories she statements came from her time as a Chanel retailer employee.

But some Romeos would “buy their spouse her most loved fragrance. They’d get it all wrapped definitely nicely — and then they would acquire the same fragrance for their mistress,” Hill claimed.

“Because guess what? They did not want to leave their mistress’ home smelling like a distinct lady.”

She also described that the dishonest adult men she encountered opted for the very same fragrance.

“It was Coco Mademoiselle perfume,” she sniffed. “It was in no way No. 5 due to the fact people today would appear in and purchase that for their mom. It was in no way the Prospect perfumes. It was usually Coco Mademoiselle.”

“Us counter ladies, we constantly have the tea,” she ended the moment-extended online video.

Several commenters from other retail establishments, notably jewellery suppliers and Victoria’s Top secret, could regrettably relate.

“I labored in substantial end jewelry for decades. Husbands did the similar matter. It was generally humorous to see the mistress come in right after Christmas and trade it,” 1 user enlightened.

“I employed to work in high-quality jewelry and experienced husbands getting their mistresses the identical items far too!” yet another illuminated.

"Coco Mademoiselle" Chanel perfume.
Hill alleged that married guys would usually access for Coco Mademoiselle for their wives — and mistresses — at the holidays.
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Shannon Hill on TikTok shares stories of married men shopping for their mistresses.
“It’s tea time women,” Hill captioned her viral TikTok.

“Us bartenders far too,” another extra. “Sunday brunch with the wife and young children, lunch breaks and cocktail hour with the mistress.”

“My grandad had a mistress, and he would invest in them each the identical matter,” a single consumer detailed. “He messed up by getting a personalized paint shade for the automobiles, and my gma went up to the lady and that’s how she discovered out.”

A person consumer even commended Hill for not spilling the beans to the wives about their husband’s female buddies, insisting she would not be able to “hold back.”

“Girlllll it was tough,” Hill replied. “I realized some of these wives quite perfectly soon after yrs. So lots of times I far too desired to ‘slip up.’”