How To Increase Your Audio Career When Working a Day Job

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Most indie musicians perform a day position (yay, capitalism). And it can be discouraging attempting to stability your passion with your paycheck. We really don’t chat about it more than enough. So in this article are four little but productive ways you can take this 7 days to expand your music job even though you do the job a day career.

Move 1: Generate a Plan for Your New music Profession

Time required: 1+ hour

Placing your direction is the foundation of your new music occupation. Or else, you may possibly extremely effectively move out into the limitless alternatives presented by the audio field and get overwhelmed. Building a prepare is about saying “no” to most endeavors and expressing “yes” to only a several.

Below are the standard methods to earning a approach for your music profession:

  1. Choose what your suitable audio profession appears like
  2. Obtain money streams dependent on your excellent profession
  3. Established plans that preserve you targeted on these earnings streams
  4. Brainstorm several items you can do on any presented day that will shift you ahead


And the beautiful thing about having a strategy is, it can adjust. You can test items, make errors, obtain what performs, and modify. But owning a system at least presents you course. You will at least be moving forward.

Phase 2: Make a Songs Development Agenda

Time required: 30+ minutes

Creating a agenda for your tunes job is the very best way to hold by yourself accountable. It is a way to commit to relocating towards what you want.

Here’s how I do it:

  1. Discover a time each and every day when I know I’ll be free (can be as tiny as 15-20 minutes)
  2. Generate an event in my iCal (ex. “do songwriting,” “record,” and so forth.)
  3. Established an inform for that celebration


So when I get an alert on my cellphone to do the thing I said I was going to do, I have no excuses. I’ve already created guaranteed that I’m free all through this window of time. Absolutely nothing is keeping me again other than just receiving begun.

Step 3: Generate a Advertising System

Time necessary: 1+ hour

I know, you may well not like the strategy of starting to be a advertising and marketing man or woman. Which is in all probability simply because sleazy entrepreneurs have provided the whole business a negative name. But feel of it this way: you’re basically sharing the new music you made in a artistic way.

And if you want a profession in music, you have to do promoting. There’s just no way close to it. So set up a approach for creatively sharing your audio.

Right here are some steps to get you started out:

  1. Launch the tune right before you endorse it (and not right up until then)
  2. Use a web-site like Musicroamer to discover indie artists with related music to yours
  3. See what marketing and advertising material these indie artists are earning and what is operating
  4. Use the identical marketing techniques they use but make them your own
  5. Develop a repeating party in your calendar to current market your songs


For instance, I’m focusing on TikTok to encourage my new music. Right before I started out, I looked at 2-3 artists with very similar music who were undertaking effectively on TikTok. I seemed for their greatest doing video clips and analyzed what created them exclusive. Then I made a Google Doc and observed down TikTok movie formats that I could use for my distinct music.

Am I heading viral? Heck, no. But each and every solitary time I put up a video clip, folks who did not know I existed like and comment on my movies, asking where by they can stream the music. And I get many new followers with every movie. The vital is to discover a promoting tactic that functions for you and stay steady with it.

Step 4 and Outside of: Do One particular Issue Just about every Day

Time wanted: 30+ minutes a day

Now that you’ve found your course ahead, you have set apart time to create and marketplace your audio, and you have put individuals responsibilities in your calendar, it’s time to do stuff.

Dependent on the development and internet marketing strategies you produced, pick at minimum one factor you can do every single day. Put that process in your calendar, and test to do a person issue a working day for a month. You will see that it does not essentially choose that a great deal of your totally free time to make progress toward the music occupation you want.

The essential is not quantity, but regularity. Make a program. Regulate as required. But whatsoever you do, do a very little bit just about every day and retain likely.