Did Morgan Freeman Say ‘Don’t Take Criticism from People You’d Never Go to for Advice’?


Actor Morgan Freeman when reported, “Will not take criticism from individuals you would under no circumstances go to for information.”


At Snopes, we’re frequently requested to authenticate quotations attributed to famed individuals — quotes that in several scenarios flip out to be widespread sayings that somebody determined to cling a celebrity’s name on in hopes it would go viral. Just one of these celebrities is actor Morgan Freeman, whose name we recently observed attached — erroneously — to these words and phrases of knowledge on Twitter: “Do not take criticism from men and women you would under no circumstances go to for advice.” 

Misattributed to Morgan Freeman: Don't take criticism from people you would never go to for advice. 

We’ve located no evidence that Morgan Freeman at any time uttered or wrote individuals words and phrases. What is extra, amongst the scores of situations we found in which those terms were attributed to Freeman, we encountered none that cited a source or day enabling us to verify the attribution. We uncovered no movie or audio recordings of Freeman uttering the sentence, nor even any mentions that this sort of recordings exist. 

Based on searchable posted supplies out there on the web, it does not seem that the stating itself is extra than a few decades aged. On Twitter, the earliest occasion of an attribution of the quotation to Freeman is dated July 3, 2019. The earliest occasion of the quotation we discovered on Twitter not attributed to Freeman was posted Oct. 10, 2017 — a day that coincided with Episode 100 of The Minimalists Podcast, on which a person essentially did recite a version of the estimate out loud. This was what a podcast listener explained through a call-in phase of the podcast: 

I just wanted to share a quotation that I read from my friend, and he obtained this from his grandpa, and it is just one of my all-time preferred quotations now, and it is: “Will not take criticism from someone you would not just take advice from.”

Though it is feasible that Morgan Freeman repeated a model of the quote higher than on some event in between the day of that 2017 podcast and its to start with physical appearance with Freeman’s title attached to it pretty much two decades afterwards, we have located no proof that he did, nor that he was the originator of the expressing. 


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