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Is it just me, or does it seem like everyone has a podcast these days? As it turns out, there are over 5 million podcasts in existence as of 2023 — wild! This number only stands to increase as more and more creators discover the magic of audio storytelling and look to expand their reach to new channels and audiences.

As a former podcast producer, I love staying up to date on the latest podcast trends and keeping tabs on the shows that are generating buzz and topping the charts. If you’re in a bit of a podcast rut and need some new show inspiration, or you want something fresh to listen to on your RTO commute, I’ve recapped the 26 best podcasts on Spotify right now.

Unlock the ultimate podcast playlist with must-hear gems on celebrity gossip and pop culture (think Call Her Daddy and Not Skinny But Not Fat), thought-provoking scientific exploration (like Huberman Lab and Ologies), and TV rewatch podcasts and current events (The Succession Podcast and The Daily, to name a few). Keep reading and you just might find your new favorite podcast.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

emma chamberlain podcast

Gen Z darling Emma Chamberlain launched a near stream-of-conscious show where she talks about everything from minimalism, dopamine detoxes, marriage, Coachella fashion, and whatever else comes to mind. Expect advice, interviews, and an up-close-and-personal look inside the mind of one of this generation’s top creators.

Celebrity Memoir Book Club

celebrity memoir book club

If you don’t have time to dive into the latest and juiciest celeb read, hosts and comedians Claire Parker and Ashley Hamilton have you covered. Each week, they break down the funniest bits and need-to-know passages from new and iconic celebrity memoirs from the likes of Prince Harry, Amy Poehler, Sophia Amoruso and more.

Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Dreyfus

wiser than me podcasts on spotify

The premise behind this new podcast on Spotify is that we should pass the mic to older women more often. So every week, Seinfeld and VEEP icon Julia Louis-Dreyfus sits down with other legendary women who are in the later chapters of their lives to glean all of their incredible wisdom.

We Said What We Said With Rickey & Denzel

we said what we said podcasts on spotify

Longtime besties Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion share hot takes on today’s trends and offer up personal tidbits about their dating lives, careers, and more in this spicy and fun show.

Normal Gossip

normal gossip podcast

Let’s be real — gossip can be fun, especially when it’s low stakes and has absolutely nothing to do with your own life. Kelsey McKinney (host) and Alex Sujong Laughlin (producer) curate quite the collection of guests to hop on their show, talk about their relationship to gossip in general, and dig into a very involved piece of gossip they heard from a “friend of a friend.” The amount of times I’ve literally LOL’d throughout episodes is…exponential.

The A24 Podcast

the a24 podcast

If you’re already obsessed with A24 flicks like Everything Everywhere All At Once, Midsommar, Uncut Gems, Moonlight, and more, you pretty much need this podcast in your life. There are no hosts, no ads, and no rules, so just about anything can happen.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

armchair expert podcast

This ranks high as a personal favorite podcast thanks to Dax Shepard and co-host Monica Padman’s easy-going interview style with mega-watt celebrities. Recent guests include Paris Hilton, Jake Gyllenhaal, Alison Roman, Jenna Ortega and lots more. Tune in for a healthy dose of armchair therapy, emotional exploration, and plenty of giggles in between.

The Daily

the daily best podcasts on spotify

From The New York Times, The Daily is a bite-sized show which breaks down the top news stories of the day from hosts Michael Barbaro and Sabrina Tavernise. It drops everyday by 6 a.m. which makes it an ideal car listen if you’re a commuter and is generally helpful in keeping you up to date on the most relevant world news.

Succession Podcast with Kara Swisher

succussion podcast on spotify hbo

Our Sundays pretty much revolve around the ground-breaking HBO TV series,Succession, so it’s only natural to jump into the corresponding podcast as well. Kara Swisher brings on show-runner Jesse Armstrong, among other top executives, writers, and actors from the hit series to offer behind-the-scenes details about each episode. The insights are mind-expanding and deliver a whole new perspective on the Roy family. Plus, once the show inevitably comes to its season four conclusion, you can go back and listen to feed your withdrawal symptoms.

Work Appropriate with Anne Helen Peterson

work appropriate pod spotify

I will consume anything Anne Helen Peterson creates, be it her think pieces on millennial burnout or her viral and resonate tweets. So it’s no surprise I jumped right into her new podcast which tackles such topics as what to do when your industry is failing, how to care about your job less, and how to manage remote work the right way. Each episode delivers practical career and work advice you can take to heart.

You’re Wrong About with Sarah Marshall

you're wrong about best podcasts on spotify

Host Sarah Marshall demystifies all the hot topics you think you know everything about, from Princess Diana and the O.J. Simpson trial to how the world became obsessed with email. Each episode will energize your mind with new learnings and perspectives without trying too hard. Might I add this podcast is great for road trip binging.

Slow Stories with Rachel Schwartzmann

Slow stories podcast art

Slow Stories explores living, working, and creating more intentionally in our digital age. Each episode features a conversation with a leading artist, writer, or innovator about their work and brings to light ideas on how we can slow down and find meaning in our lives. The show is hosted by Rachel Schwartzmann, a writer and editor who thoughtfully explores the intersection of creativity and technology. Schwartzmann believes that we can use technology to connect with each other and create meaningful experiences, but that we also need to be mindful of the ways in which technology can be used to distract us and keep us from living our lives fully.

Not Skinny But Not Fat

not skinny but not fat

Host Amanda Hirsch is brimming with pop culture hot takes and celebrity goss in this fun weekly listen. Find out what’s really going down on your favorite reality TV shows like Vanderpump Rules and Love Is Blindwith dramatic cast interviews, and pull up a chair and tune in while Hirsch chats with actors and entertainers from every corner of the industry to spill the tea for you.

Archetypes with Meghan Markle


Host Meghan Markle upends all the labels that try to hold women back in this revelatory conversation podcast. She talks activism with Jameela Jamil, the “angry Black woman” stereotype with Issa Rae and Ziwe, the stigmas of being single with Mindy Kaling, limitless ambition with Serena Williams, and numerous other topical concepts that are worth delving into on a deeper level.

First In Line with Brit Morin

first in line best podcasts on spotify

We can’t talk about podcasts without mentioning Brit + Co founder Brit Morin’s First In Linepodcast! She debuted season one in 2022 with trend-setting topics to help listeners get ahead of the next big opportunity across industries. If you want to nerd out on all things tech and A.I., genetics and personalized wellness, home design, and more, you’ve found the perfect show to plug into.

Back To The Beach with Kristin and Stephen 

Back to the beach with kristin and stephen

This ’00s nostalgia pod is perfect for anyone who grew up in the early aughts binging the MTV’s pioneering reality TV drama, Laguna Beach: The Real O.C. Original stars Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti relive all the iconic moments and heartaches by taking listeners back through the first two seasons of the show in epic rewatch fashion. They bring on other former co-stars to explain what was real versus what was just for the camera. You’ll be mind-blown to hear about the origin story for how this show was created, and all the little tricks producers used to create the ultimate teenage love triangle between Cavallari, Colletti, and fellow co-star Lauren Conrad.

Hang Up & Listen

hang up and listen podcast spotify

This weekly sports show will keep you up to date on all the latest news to come out of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and beyond. The show features sports editor Josh Levin, writer Stefan Fatsis, Slate writer and Slow Burn host Joel Anderson, and all sorts of interesting guests from around the sports world.

High Low with EmRata

high low emrata best podcasts on spotify

After listening to Emily Ratajkowski’s best-selling memoir, My Body, earlier this year, I was taken with her distinct and empowered point of view on all things bodily autonomy and body image. This led me to discover her podcast which marries everything high and low-brow to raise big questions about life. Expect topics like pop culture, politics, feminism, TikTok, relationships and more to come up with special guests, authors, close friends, and celebs.

Second Life

second life hilary kerr

Who What Wear co-founder Hillary Kerr debuted this interview-style podcast back in 2018 to tell the stories of women who have navigated epic career changes. The show is chockfull of expert life advice, and plenty of professional wisdom to match. Hear from the founders of some of your favorite brands and inspiring women across industries like fashion designer Aurora James, hair mogul Jen Atkin, actress Lily Collins, and beyond.

Pulling The Thread with Elise Loehnen

pulling the thread best podcasts on spotify

If you were a fan of the Goop podcast when Elise Loehnen was hosting, you’ll love her solo venture, Pulling The Thread. She leads thoughtful investigations around life’s biggest questions: What makes marriages work? How can we ignite our creativity? How can we process our collective pasts? Tune in for thought-provoking exploration and intellectual interviews to discover something new about yourself.

The Happiness Lab with Dr Laurie Santos

the happiness lab

How to be happy is the big mystery of life. In this excellent show, Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos shares what it takes to lead a happier life. And no, the answer likely isn’t more money, a better job, or an Instagrammable vacation. Listen in for a weekly dose of joy and to help unlock your happiest self.

The Psychology Of Your 20s

the best podcasts on spotify

File under: podcasts I wish I had when I was in my twenties. Topics span everything from open relationships and identity to perfectionism, daddy issues, taking risks, and more. Finally there’s a guidebook to make navigating your 20s less chaotic.

Crime Junkie

crime junkie podcast

Ashley Flowers hosts this super popular true podcast, which covers a wide array of cases, murders, and unsolved mysteries. While some have a tolerance for these types of stories all day, everyday, take extra care in not tuning in before bedtime if you’re particularly susceptible to nightmares.

Dead Eyes

dead eyes podcast

I’ve heard a lot of buzz about this podcast on Spotify so it was high-time I tune in. Dead Eyes tells the story of comedian and actor Connor Ratliff who missed his shot at glory on the hit show Band Of Brothers because Tom Hanks fired him, presumably because he had “dead eyes.” It’s funny and full of charming conversations with folks like Jon Hamm and Seth Rogan.

Huberman Lab

huberman lab

If you want to better understand your body and brain, the incredibly popular Huberman Lab podcast is right for you. Host Dr. Andrew Huberman is a tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford School of Medicine and delivers in-depth and often lecture-style lessons on what’s really happening in our brain and body. Uncover insights around our hormone responses, how to optimize our fertility, how to stop headaches and intrusive thoughts, the truth about intermittent fasting and psilocybin, and lots more. Episodes can range from 30 minutes to three hours, so be prepared to listen and learn.

Ologies with Alie Ward

ologies spotify podcast

Learn something new about a bevy of meaty topics as science correspondent Alie Ward goes deep on all sorts of subjects from anxiety, beer, bees, dark matter, time, and beyond.

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