20 ‘South Park’ Celebrity Reactions: Fans and Feuds

From Tom Cruise trapped in the closet to Kanye West’s fishsticks, the long-running Comedy Central cartoon has taken aim at nearly every A-lister.

“South Park” has royally pissed off its share of celebrities in the show’s decades-long run. The hit Comedy Central animated series, co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, debuted in 1997 and has most infamously mocked Barbra Streisand, Kanye West, Jennifer Lopez, and more recently, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

While the viral parody of the royal couple stirred rumors that the show may be sued by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, this isn’t the first time A-listers have spoken out about getting parodied on the notorious cartoon. Stone and Parker admitted during the “Basic!” podcast in February 2022 that they “can’t even remember” every celebrity feud from over the years. The duo has crossed everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Al Gore, and even teed off with entire religious organizations.

“We were considered counterculture,” Parker said on the series’ irreverent style. “The Catholic League are always on our arse.”

“Everyone knew Scientology was so litigious,” Stoned added, citing the Tom Cruise “Trapped in the Closet” episode from 2005. “People in Hollywood were scared of Scientology at the time because they would just sue you. I think that got us going. The Tom Cruise episode was really about getting sued. I mean, poking openly litigious people and seeing where the line is and what you can say. They picked a fight with us and we just went with it.” (Notably, Scientologist and “South Park” cast member the late Isaac Hayes left the series following the debacle.)

But for other celebrities, appearing on one of TV’s longest running, most provocative cartoons is an honor. Paris Hilton, Russell Crowe, the late Bob Saget, Lorde, the cast of MTV’s “Jersey Shore,” and YouTube’s most popular dog trainer César Millán have all praised the series publicly. Millán even filmed his complete reaction for YouTube, gushing, “They did an incredible job of representing exactly, exactly what I do.”

Check out every celebrity who has spoken out about their “South Park” portrayal below — listed in no particular order.

Note: The specific episodes in which each celebrity appears have been listed below. This excludes the two-part Season 14 event, in which a large group of public figures file a class action lawsuit against the people of South Park.

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