Sep 062012

View full track titles in iPhone iOS Music app

There has been a great concern with the music app in all iPhone users who have iOS versions below the 5th. The title names of music tracks are usually so long that they do not fit in the screen. The initial texts of the titles are followed by dotted lines which makes it difficult to identify the song properly. But to solve this problem Apple has launched the new iOS 5 which enables users to view the full song title.

How it works:

Although the music app is basically the same as the previous versions of iPhone iOS with the song listing that can be arranged manually. The only difference is that you can now view the complete title of the tracks while surfing through your music library. When you enter the music app on an Apple iPhone iOS 5 and scroll downwards then along each song and tapping once a new window will pop out. This window is black in color on which the whole track title is shown in white color.

This window is wide enough which extends over the borders and therefore can fit in the whole song name in a single line. Not only the track title but also the song serial number and the total time of the song are mentioned in this particular pop out window. This window opens up only when you scroll and stop at some particular song. It stays popped out till when the screen is touched or tapped again.


Certain specific song genres like the classical music and podcasts are known to have comparatively long song labels. The main advantage of the new iPhone iOS music app is that they entertain these song headings in a single line making it easy for users to enjoy the music. Again there are many different modes of the music app to select from. These modes are the order in which your songs would be categorized in your iPhone music library. Now the format that you have chosen will be visible in a list with the song headings in halves. But while you go down and roll through each song the pop up window emerges and shows you the complete song label and designation too.

Even on the landscape mode if you tap on a particular song from the list and hold it then the same widow comes on the screen and portrays the total song name in a screen fit manner. A similar feature is applied on the names of the playlists, album titles, and podcast headings and also in the apps supporting videos. This feature is of a huge benefit which has replaced the iPod icon that was there in the home screen of previous versions of iPhone.


The iPhone iOS music app has completely revolutionized the world with an update in its music track title view. This is efficient and also convenient for users to identify and play the song from the list by seeing the full track name in a single pop up window.

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