Jan 312013

Types of antivirus software programs

Normally there are antivirus software programs that are multipurpose and can be used effectively against any kind of viruses, but one can also find antivirus software programs that are specified for a specific type of viruses and are known to be experts when it comes to battling with that specific type of virus. Following are some of the different types of antivirus software programs that you can go with:

All purpose antivirus software programs:

Such types of antivirus software programs are normally used in houses as well as in small companies who wants to have a moderate protection against most of the viruses, Trojan horses, malwares and spywares. Such type of software is effective against most of the small viruses a Trojan horses but it might not be effective against any new and bigger kind of viruses and Trojan horses. Hence such type of antivirus software programs are best when used in small companies as well as in homes, how does not have any kind of direct threat from the hackers.

Antivirus software programs for Trojan Horses:

Trojan horses are normally known to be the worst kind of viruses, once a computer system is infected from a Trojan horse, the only thing that a person can do is to format hard disk in order to remove Trojan horse completely. A Trojan Horse eats out the data, files etc bit by bit, hence you will never know when your computer will get infected from a Trojan Horse, therefore getting your hands over antivirus software programs that are especially for Trojan horses is surely the right thing to do.

Antivirus software programs for Spyware:

Bigger companies as well as people who have very important and confidential data in their computer system uses antivirus software programs for Spyware. Spyware is basically a virus which is installed into your computer and its job is to send your data out to the source which has sent Spyware in your computer, hence making you completely vulnerable and unprotected. This surely affects your internet speed, as the data is also being transferred at that time, but when you install an antivirus software program for Spyware you will be protected in the best possible manner, as it not only analyze and remove spyware but it also protects your computer from every kind of Spyware too!

Antivirus software programs for Malware:

Malware is another kind of virus that installs malicious content and viruses in your computer system which makes your computer system goes out of control. Different windows are opened and closed automatically hence interrupting you to the masses, and as the time passes the condition of your computer system becomes worst, but when you install an antivirus software program for Malware you will be protected from all that in the best possible manner and such antivirus software programs for Malware also removes every kind of malware that is found in your system hence giving you complete protection.