Mar 232013

Electric Car - BMW i8

If you want to move over to running an electric car, but are concerned about the expense of buying a new car, then it is possible to get around this through an electric car conversion. This takes an ordinary gas car, and transforms it into an electric version, by changing a few parts of the car. You can also change your car into a hybrid which can run on both gas and electricity, which will allow you to get the best from your machine. You can perform the electric car conversion yourself.

Preparing for an Electric Car Conversion

In order to manage your money successfully, the best way to manage the electric car conversion is to purchase a do-it-yourself assembly kit, and then convert your car by yourself. You will usually have to change all of the parts of the engine, although the essential shape of the car itself is not changed, including the body of the car, the brakes, and any safety features. The engine, the exhaust, and the fuel line will all have to be removed and altered. Before you start the conversion, you will need to purchase the assembly kit, and read up on how the conversion should be done. You should then prepare the car by lifting it off the ground.

Benefits to the Conversion

The chief advantage of an electric car conversion is the money that you can save on gas. The conversion kit itself will cost about $15000, but if you do the conversion yourself, and don’t purchase any additional parts, then you will not have to use the gas portion of the car yourself. Once you have the car up and running, there will be no additional running costs, so you will not need to pay for gas any more. This can quickly build up into large savings for the car. The other advantage is that it will help to reduce your carbon emissions.

Disadvantages to the Electric Car Conversion

Although the conversion itself is relatively simple to do, it is still possible to make some very bad mistakes, which can cost you money. In addition, the original cost for the kit is quite heavy, and is not affordable for many people. In addition, the batteries in the car will have to be replaced every 5 years or so, meaning that you will have additional costs. The electric car conversion can also make the vehicle rather difficult to fix should they break down, making repairs more costly than for a gas vehicle.