Oct 032012

We at TestsLive, or Oracle University, are well-known for our excellence in all aspects of Oracle Training and Exam Certification. But why choose us over anyone else? If you visit our website at: http://www.testslive.com can read about the many benefits of selection our curriculum. But here is a recap which may convince you further.

At Oracle University, which is the lead training facility of Oracle, we are one of the largest, well-known IT training online organizations in the world. We offer over 700 classes a week in many formats. We train a large volume of students globally, offering an astounding 4600 plus courses. We have certified 1.3 million students and professions in various forms of technology by assessing a large network of over five thousand global certification testing sites.

We at Oracle University believe that the development of our students and our ability to provide and deliver a high quality of expert training which results in certification as well as our students’ overall growth and well-being, is our utmost priority and concern. We are here to assist our students in their quest for certification and help them in any way we possibly can to achieve their personal and professional goals. We teach in the same manner we create, giving us inside information on the product development as it is delivered to our students. This makes us the best online university in the world.

Our curriculum is actual, “real life” training which applies to the job roles of the IT professional. The instructors are industry experts, leaders in their field of expertise. We also guarantee 100% success delivered to our students