Aug 022013

All About Short Term Car Insurance Policies

While driving a car, it is necessary to be equipped with proper insurance documents, which is actually a legal requirement in every country. Without these, you will have to face unnecessary situations such as heavy fine or cancellation of your driver license etc. While buying car insurance, always remember that opting for a long term insurance would result in parting with a huge sum of money on buying it. This makes short term car insurance policy a convenient option to choose. It can offer excellent coverage ranging from few days to few months time.

Working Of Short Term Insurance:

While planning to have the possession of car only for a limited period of time, it is necessary to buy a short term car insurance policy as it is suitable for a temporary coverage. It can vary from a single day to six months time. This type of insurance depends on the maker of the car, model and the category it belongs. The arrays of benefits offered by a short term insurance policy includes compensation that involve medical payments, uninsured driver, damage to the property, body injury, physical damage etc. The rate of premium is moderate and can be paid in advance or as monthly installments which are far moderate than the long term insurance policies. There is a flat rate of insurance amount that is stabilized for a fixed period of time by these policies.

When To Avail Short Term Car Insurance?

Opting for the short term car insurance is the right way when you plan to go on a holiday. If you plan to have your vehicle in storage then this short term policy is a boon in disguise. Also if you visit your home town and use the vehicle only for a few days then this short term is the right choice. This will protect the car from any physical damage and you from any bodily injury.

Benefits of a Short Term Policy for Your Car:

There are many ways through which you can obtain a short term policy but the main attraction of this short term policy is that it would not affect the long term policy in any way. Also you will be able to hire a lot of drivers with this short term insurance policy. This way, none of the benefits or discounts would be lost in your long term policies. Also if the driver hired is taken care of, if he happens to meet with an accident while driving your car. This is because you have an option of including the driver even in the case of short period of time. This is highly beneficial even if you change any number of drivers frequently.

You can also get quotes from various companies and much information about the benefits and advantages. One of the best methods to get this type of insurance policy is to make a comparison of various prices, availability, and coverage options which will help you know the best rates. This way all your anticipations regarding the short term insurance policies are fulfilled. You can also check with an authorized insurance dealer or a certified agent.