Jan 272014

Brooklyn Decker photos

The Tory Burch Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening was held in Beverly Hills on 14th of this month. The event saw many young stars sharing the limelight along with many popular stars. The young ladies who stole the show were Brooklyn Decker, Emmy Rossum and Hailee Steinfeld. All three of them had broad smiles as they attended the event in a great style. They also had wonderful time meeting up with Jessica Alba and Tory Burch. Continue reading »

Jan 252014

Marisa Miller red carpet style, and hair photos

50 Years! Yes, the all popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue has stepped into the 50th year as the team organized a red carpet party at Dolby theatre in Hollywood on Jan 14, 2014. The event was so hot and sexy with many popular cover models attending the party in glamorous outfits. Marisa Miller was one among the sexiest dressed models who marked their presence in the event. Continue reading »

Jan 242014

Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson red carpet photos

Gimme Shelter is the latest film of Vanessa Hudgens and the actress was out showing off her deep cleavage in a stunning black evening gown for the premiere that took place in Los Angeles on Tuesday. She was a part of event that was also attended by her co star Rosario Dawson. The actress ensured that all the eyes of the camera men were on her outfit as she was arrived in a sexy black gown that covered her foot. The best part of her outfit was the plunging neck that revealed all the cleavage.
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Jan 242014

Christie Brinkley red carpet pictures

The 50th anniversary of the very famous sports illustrated swimsuit was celebrated in the form of a red carpet event in Hollywood on Tuesday night, January 14, 2012. The event saw many popular cover girls of various ages attending in fashionable outfits. Some of the popular faces such as Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen and Christie Brinkley were among the celebrities who appeared at the event. Continue reading »

Jan 182014

Kelly Brook fashion style hair photos

Kelly Brook is a glamour model and she proved her fashion quotient by wearing a stunningly amazing dress in the Rugby dinner organized in London on 15th of this month. She was wearing a black lace dress that enhanced her naturally beautiful looks. She happily posed for pictures but all the eyes in the crowd searched for her rumored boy friend David McIntosh, but he was nowhere to be seen. With her stunning looks, people wondered if she was 34 years old or younger. Continue reading »

Jan 172014

Rihanna bikini photos

Rihanna is considered as the sexiest pop singer in the world. She is the dream girl of millions of people and music fans but her sexy body is also the talk of the town every time she comes out in the public. It is also clearly evident that the favorite dress of Rihanna is a bikini as she always wears a sexy bikini whenever she is out in holidays. Similarly, Rihanna was lately seen bathing in a pond in Rio de Janeiro, where she was wearing almost nothing. Continue reading »

Jan 042014

What To Look For In A Car Insurance Policy?

When you seriously consider buying a car insurance policy you might come across certain factors that you need to take into account. They are – your age, the location you live, the car you own, its model, marital state of yours etc. This is essential to arrive at the right amount of insurance to safeguard your car as a whole. You must consider various factors that would enable you to optimise your amount of insurance thereby enabling you to pay very low premium rates. Continue reading »

Oct 022013

Rose Byrne photos

The Insidious: Chapter 2 premiere was held at Los Angeles on September 10, 2013. Rose Byrne was a part of the event and she made the crowd turn towards her with her lovely dress and sexy looks. All eyes turned over her when she walked the red carpet. The 34 year old actress has always been a successful fashion icon and this was proved yet again with her attire for the event. Continue reading »

Sep 282013

Katherine McNamara photos

Katherine McNamara is a part of the crew for the romantic comedy film titled Thanks for Sharing. The premiere of the event was held at Arclight Cinemas, Hollywood, California on September 16th. The movie revolves around three characters that face a new challenge and their struggle against the challenge, which is sex addiction. Katherine was seen wearing a beautiful Claire Farwell London lace dress. Continue reading »

Classes Of Insurance

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Sep 252013

Classes Of Insurance

Insurance basically classified into two types: one would be Life Insurance and other would be General Insurance. Life insurance is known to each and every person as it in form long time in all over the world, life insurance can be defined as for a fixed term where in this term the insured person should pay the specified amount know as premium and in turn insurance company will pay back the all the sum of money as per the specified terms and conditions in the agreement of the policy signed by the insured person.

Life insurance promises full protection next to the risk of death of the insured person. In case the insured person meet with an accident or dies, in that case the insurance company would pay all the sum assured by him and as well as the bonus as per the policy agreement. Where as in other savings only the interest is been calculated for the sum assured and given back to person without any bonus which means that life insurance is superior to all the other savings.
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Sep 252013

Eva Longoria photos

Extra is the second longest running news magazine in the entertainment genre and it started its 20th season on September 9 at Universal Studios, Hollywood. There were many celebrity guests kicking off the event and that included Eva Longoria. She was very cute and sexy in her attire and makeup. Eva Longoria was wearing white top and white trousers. Continue reading »

Sep 242013

Natalie Portman red carpet photos

The New York City Ballet 2013 Fall Gala had many surprises in for the audiences and photographers. Natalie Portman was dressed so elegantly that she stole the show, even though there were many fashion icons present. Natalie was supporting her husband Benjamin Millepied who is a popular choreographer. The 32 year old actress looked stunningly elegant and genuine in her lovely dress that had color blocks. Continue reading »